Tax on International Calls: Lahore High Court Seeks Data from PTA

  • Zardari P

    We are realy tired using WORST language for SHAMELESS, INCOMPITENT, CORRUPT government. They are not HUMAN now while they became ANIMAL.

    Only they trying how to put Nation in TROUBLE.

  • umer khursheed

    enough yr kitne dates batao gae hamein tang a gae hain es govt se es mulak se aur law se b enough aur media b

  • tabassum pervaiz

    as a overseas pakistani we dont expect any good activity from this govt becoz this govt always trying to punish his peoples becoz why they select him and now a days our law also is in custody of this govt becoz they also not undsrstanding the overseas pakistanies problems

  • imran

    This problem will never be solved. They R corrupt people and will leave no stone un turned to hurt overseas labour.

  • Ozman

    My name is Usman , If u representing Pak , then please make sure this tax thing is done by Jan 14

  • sultan rahi

    lahore high court walo agr tm sy ye kaam nai hota to hath nikao is ma sy br br date q dety ho seeda kaho k tumari chlti he nai ha mulk ma 10 bar order dy chuky ho tm phr b koi bnda tumara order *** py b nai rkhta is lie dfa ho k gr betho court ma beth k awam ka paisa haram bna k na khao kamino

  • Khan Kashmiri

    jan 14 b nazeedq ha ab lakin nhi lagta k zardari hoqmat pr adlia k faslon ka ki kuch chl paye g,, muje lagta ha adlia luli langri ho gai ha in k hath ma kuch nhi ,,, so sab bardasht kro sab kion k Pakistani ho na

  • khalid

    ye mulak ***istan bna he ghareebo ka khoooon choooosny k liye zalmo se khair ke umeeed mat khauda ka azab ha ham pe na gee sakty ha na mar sakty ha lakun phir bhe pakistan zindabad.

  • taqi

    **ck paki government

  • amir

    ye pakistan nae ***kistan bna diya ha zardari ne.

  • sajid

    aaj to 14 jan ha na any news is tax k mutaliq?

  • rashid

    media walon ap hi plz is news ko uthao.ek to hm pakistan se door hain.uper se call b mehngi.lahore high court ko plz hmari problem btao.

  • mrs ali

    plz if anyone know any media person then contact him so to raise voices of overseas pakistanis against this cruelty of PTA ……………….

  • Nas

    Postponed to feb 15 zardari and ppp= the disgrace people of pakistan

  • israr

    jo b es tax me involve hy…wo pesy k ley apny beti awr bewi ko b daaw pe lagany k ley tayaar hoga..i am sure

  • http://Y Sajjad

    Shame for Pakistani government I hate pak government

  • http://N/A Jani Raw

    PLZ International Calls Tax khatam kar do abhi to hum ghar bat bi nhe kr sakty Allah ke liye hum bahut majboor ho gay ha

  • Bewaqoof

    We overseas pakistani should be blamed for this type decisions of government.
    We given respect to all these pakistani polititions in Europe.
    Now it is time to welcome them with throghing eggs, tomatoos and shows on them(sorry i am just emotional)

    Please overseas pakistani, think and create an orgnisation to save our interests.
    For Exaple,
    Overseas pakistani government and order these blackmailers.
    overseas pakistani got enough ruppees and properties in pakistan-
    just create a overseas pakistani bank, give a legal cover to our foreign exchange and pay just ruppees to our families and buy all big institutions like PIA-STEEL-OIL-GAS-COAL-GOLD AND AGRI PRODUCTION – PRESERVATION RESOURCES.
    I am sure that these selfmade polititions would be big ZERO and they would be again begging you for help.

    It is Just a dream—
    Islam is the best religion of world but we muslems are worstet nations of world.